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flour sack towels

Tina Labadini -
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Established in 2007 Tina Labadini Designs began as a hand painted stationery boutique. After several years of painting hundreds of Santa hats on Christmas cards and starfish on stationery our paintbrushes were warmed up and we began reproducing our art more efficiently. This lead us from paper to fabric and many great products emerged – baby clothes, kitchen towels and indirectly the patented Doggy Ditty. Today we have over 15 different products that come in hundreds of designs. The depth of our art portfolio made room for our completely unique Illu-stated line to emerge. We are proud to feature our art on the names of great cities and towns around the country. Our studio is in Concord, Massachusetts where our team of ten talented people works hard to develop, design, produce and deliver high quality, unique products that are so fun to give and receive.
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