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throwbee by Kona Benellie

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We at Kona Benellie are the creators of the THROWBEE ("Best wearable blanket on the planet!"). Kona Benellie is a premier innovative design company that improves lives through comfort by optimizing the versatility of our favorite comfy things such as blankets, robes, pillowcases, pants, and more. And as a result of customers purchases, we donate shelter blankets to dogs in need throughout the nation. We are proud to be setting a good example for the younger generation as a customer-focused business that gives back. We are passionate about teaching kids how to achieve this while inspiring and empowering them. They 'learn by doing'. We invite kids and their parents to join us on 'blanket giving trips' to animal shelters so they can experience hands-on kindness - a feeling that stays with them forever and encourages them to help make a difference in an area that is personally meaningful them. Our customers help make a difference every day with every purchase they make. Our story of giving becomes their story of giving and impacts the life of a shelter dog forever. Comfort for All - People, Pets, and Shelter dogs.


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