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Suitable for strong women.

Yansi Fugel -
Product image 1Suitable for strong women.
Product image 2Suitable for strong women.
Product image 3Suitable for strong women.
Product image 4Suitable for strong women.
Product image 5Suitable for strong women.

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Tux Couture began as a custom request from clients who needed something formal - yet classically cool - in their closets. And after three years of careful design planning, Yansi Fugel is proud to introduce a couture line of tuxedos with impeccable menswear detailing...made expressly for women. 

The philosophy is simple, to make beautiful clothing that is both timely and timeless, using high quality materials and workmanship; clothing that is empowering and imbues confidence. When you feel beautiful you are powerful
and this is a legacy to pass on to our daughters in the garments themselves as well as the perspective of how clothes should serve us. Tuxedos for women. In this moment in time, we are turning a corner. Men are joining the feminist ranks too, and we are all supporting equality.

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