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Rosebud Woman

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We took a lot of care to make the line aesthetically-beautiful enough to keep out on the bedside table. It’s packaged as an unveiling experience: as an elegant gift for any woman who believes that she deserves more self-care. It’s for any woman who has experienced a little bit of discomfort down there that she never wanted to talk to anybody about—and anyone who thinks that she’s worthy of a little splurge.

In general, if you have inflammation or irritation—from exercise, from sex, from riding a bike, from wearing underwear and not getting enough air— plant-based treatments can provide relief.

Our Soothe Calming Cream (Arnica, Calendula, Chamomile, Mint) and Refresh Spray (Witch Hazel, Aloe, Tea Tree) were designed for that. Our Honor Balm is specifically for everyday use. It’s a reason to touch yourself every day, and give the tissues of your body a little regenerative love. It’s a self-reverence practice, and any woman interested in becoming more intimate with her own being can benefit from doing this. Our Arouse Serum is a great way to bring a  plumping, tingling and salivation experience to life. Look for new products in 2019, including Anoint, our nourishing body oil

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