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Laura Jakobsen -
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The riot began in our Venice Beach CA kitchen. We were thirsty as hell for a better source of energy to support our lifestyle. So we bucked tradition, tea-bombed our cold-pressed juice and drank against the grain. 

teaRIOT mirrors the vibe of the beach town in which it was born: A delicious mash-up of energy and wellness. An epicenter of good energy. A collective of individuals who push boundaries and believe anything you want to do…you can do.

Every bottle blends the fresh, focused energy from tea and hard-working nutrients from over 1lb. of cold pressed, organic fruits and vegetables – no processed ingredients and no cane sugar.

Join us in the Good Energy Revolution. A tribe of people kicking ass from the power of tea and fresh ingredients. Live out on the fringes of life where all of the best stuff happens. Drink up and let’s #RIOTon

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