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Jolii is a romantic, fun play on joli–the French word for pretty. The second “i” is a bold reminder that all of us have an inner and outer beauty worth celebrating. Jolii Cosmetics is deeply rooted and stands firm on that beautiful truth. 

Jolii Cosmetics reflect an immense love for all things Italian: refined glass, quality packaging, and custom small-batch formulas are what set Jolii apart. The unrelenting need to improve upon standard industry products, one formula at a time, has always been the goal. Simply put, Jolii Cosmetics is a game changer. 

Jolii Cosmetics exists to create high quality, one-of-a-kind products that inspire confidence and make women feel beautiful. And we can’t forget about Duscha, as the Chief Canine Officer, Jolii will continue to support a variety of animal friendly causes and will always remain cruelty free.
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