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Holly & Tanager was founded because we identified an opportunity in the marketplace to bring a brand to customers that delivers both function and fashion. Our designs ensure the bags are functional on the inside and outside, whether its in pockets, space, construction, or straps. We don’t just add pockets and call the bag more functional, we design the bags around solving a problem in a unique and timeless manner. In addition, all of our items work together so that our customer is not the "bag lady".

Our goal is to help women carry all of life’s necessities. Women play many roles such as, care takers, mothers, business women, mentors, teachers, doctors, volunteers, wives, advocates and so much more. We want her to be armed with everything she needs for whatever her day will require without ever sacrificing fashion for function. Our timeless designs display a bold desire to accommodate a woman’s lifestyle effortlessly, day after day.

We envision fashion as an industry that values exceptional design and quality. We create timeless pieces and functional design.

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