In January of 2018, two solo female founders walked into a Manhattan coffee shop. We were three years into building our own breakthrough companies- Erika as the founder and CEO of Good Zebra, a better for you protein snack company, and Phyllis at the helm of Reinvent the World, a brand and social innovation consultancy.

As excited as we were about our successful ventures, we were also burnt out and a bit frustrated. We were both making progress, but it was slower than we expected. Professional (and sometimes personal) support for women growing businesses As we talked, we wondered was there a better way? Could we somehow pool our knowledge and expertise with other female founders to move the ball forward for all of us?
It was an exciting thought that neither one of us could push out of our heads. So we didn't. Instead we said F yes to the F Project.

Erika & Phyllis

Erika Szychowski is the founder and CEO of Good Zebra
Phyllis Dealy is the founder and CEO of Reinvent the World
F Project Thanks
We couldn't have built The F Project and gathered together all of these amazing founders without help from an all-female crew of collaborators and champions:

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