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Yansi Fugel Founder, Tux Couture

Live, love, laugh it's all in the present moment.

Yansi embraced fashion at an early age, learning to sew from her mother and inheriting her sense of style. The joy of thinking & visualizing something and the emotional importance of craft, the art of the process to bring it to life is her passion. Her entire career has been in the fashion industry, with a retail company, Paraphernalia for 9 years and then starting her own company & brand for 28 years. Dressing women in “confidence” has always been her calling, clothes that fit, matter and make you feel empowered. This was the basis of her namesake collection in dressing women for work and play, with the focus on her customer and her needs. Easy care, many items washable. Easy wear, fabrics that don’t wrinkle and travel well. Which brings us to her new concept: Tux Couture.

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