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Victoria Watts VictoriaLand Beauty

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

Inspired by a college marketing class and her father’s successful brewery business, Victoria Watts launched her first entrepreneurial venture in 1995 with Ipswich Ale Mustard. Soon after graduating from college, she married and turned the business over to her dad. Victoria spent the next several years raising her family in Naples, Florida. In 2013, challenged by some skin issues, Victoria once again tapped into her inner voice and entrepreneurial zeal. Unable to solve her skin problems after using dozens of existing products, she literally took this challenge into her own hands and turned to the power of time-tested, natural ingredients to mix and blend hundreds of batches of product in her kitchen in search of the right formulas. This effort resulted in the launch of VictoriaLand Beauty® in 2018, a line of 3 skin-loving products that deliver on quality, performance and simplicity.

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