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Toyin Kolawole Founder, Iya Foods

The possibility of success is worth the fear of failure.

Toyin Kolawole is Founder & CEO of Iya Foods, an Illinois based food company with healthy flavorful foods inspired by her African roots.  Grounded in the belief that food is medicine, Iya Foods stays true to a culture of nourishment & exceptional flavor. Iya Foods, founded in 2015, has successfully launched at Walmart and Marianos.  An avid food lover & traveler, Toyin enjoys exploring ingredients, trying out new recipes, getting to know cultures and traditions through food. Iya Foods is a result of these diverse experiences.

Toyin obtained her MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, where she majored in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. After Kellogg, she joined Bain & Company Chicago where she helped CPG food brands excel. Prior to this she was a private equity analyst in Nigeria where she helped small business grow.

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