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Torrey Benson & Dawn Fable Founders, Press Pause Project

When life is spinning wildly out of control...Press Pause!

Is CBD the new avocado toast? Despite its trendy status, CBD is effective. And this female duo is ushering CBD into the lives of hardworking moms who can benefit from it.  Press Pause Project is a passion project started by two best friends at the pinnacle of their lives. Dawn is curious, loyal, and full of surprises. Torrey is eclectic, optimistic, and product crazy.  Both have thriving careers.  Both have incredible husbands and vivacious young children. And both have had their own very real bouts of anxiety, sleepless nights and increasing aches and pains associated with reaching age 40.  Their story is real, raw and inspiring. Their brand is clean, conscious and effective. 

Stressed out? Sore muscles? Can’t sleep? Enter CBD. A compound found in the hemp plant, Cannabidiol (CBD) interacts with the human body to achieve homeostasis (balance). Adding these beautiful products to your daily ritual will give you permission to take a moment... and Press Pause. The mission? To stop whispering about our inability to smile and look fabulous while trying to balance family, work and self care. Time to spread the CBD love and join the movement! 

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