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Stacey Marcellus Founder, Cappello's

Diversity is as key to the health of a business as it is critical to a natural ecosystem.

Sometimes you have to move to a farm in Argentina for a year and grow your own potatoes to figure out what you want out of life. The experience of feeding herself and others from seed to gnocchi helped shape Stacey’s current mission with her company, Cappello’s. To craft delicious, nutritionally relevant foods using only simple, real food ingredients that all people can enjoy. Working with her friend Ben in Colorado, she created the very first almond flour fettuccine which marked the start of their grain-free, frozen-fresh food company that shares her mother’s maiden name. Together they’re bringing good and creativity into the world in unique paleo-friendly, grain-, gluten- and guilt-free ways. Goodness, that includes “empowering women because sexism is not dead. It’s far from dead. And it needs to die.”

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