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Sophia Maroon

You think you're too small to have an impact? Try sleeping with a mosquito.

I love salad. I probably eat one every day and I have never found it necessary to use anything other than a simple balsamic vinaigrette I make using olive oil, vinegar, mustard and a lot of garlic. It's delicious, and I take no credit for the recipe, it’s my mother’s. My brother had long held that there was a business to be had in bottling and selling the sauce. He even dared me to give it a try. While I initially dismissed this as nonsense, my brother’s idea kept coming back to me: in carpool lines, at soccer games, over the umptiumpth reading of Harold and the Purple Crayon, I thought about salad dressing. Over time, I realized he might be right and that the reason for that extended far beyond just our mother’s amazing salad dressing. But why? The answer was something I thought many people could relate to: My life is messy. My children are messy. Standing in my kitchen amid the chaos of dinner and homework and siblings, I sometimes crave a little luxury. Don’t we all? When I toss Dress It Up Dressing on my salad, I create a little instant glamour. With that one act of dressing, I feel like I’ve prepared a gourmet meal, even if it took less than 30 seconds. My salad is always beautifully dressed (even on the days I’m not!). I think the magic of Dress It Up Dressing lies in its ability to transform not just a dish but a moment. It’s like my Fairy Godmother comes in and with a wave of her wand, I am Cinderella dressed for the ball! Armed with the confidence that others might wish for a similar transformation, I took my brother's dare! I pulled in the talents of some of my favorite people, started sharing Dress It Up Dressing with friends, and began creating a product and a company that I’m delighted to share with you today. From the start, I sought to create my company as carefully as I created my dressings. Being a Certified B Corp gives us a way to measure our success in more than just dollars. Today, Dress It Up works with schools to ensure healthy meals for children. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been proud to partner with DC Central Kitchen and World Central Kitchen in providing meals to those in need. I’m a DC native where I live with my three children (four, if you include Dress It Up).

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