Silja Kim Founder, Spinoza

Rich people give to people. Wealthy people invest in people.

Silja was what you would call a big nerd growing up – she never took her thick heavy glasses off, but it always bothered her that she could not find a frame that would not slip off her nose or leave marks on her face. She struggled to find stylish yet comfortable eyewear, but had no idea that she would eventually turn that quest to find better frames into her career.
Before coming to the US for her MBA at Columbia Business School, she lived in Asia and Europe pursuing her career in management consulting and venture capital. These experiences gave her resources and capabilities to launch her own venture, while amazing fashion entrepreneurs such as Aslaug Magnusdottir, Andy Dunn, and more whom she met in New York gave her inspiration and courage.
Three and a half years ago when she finally had her manufacturing partner making SPINOZA’s prototype frames that were feather-weight yet durable, everything fell into place – her personal passions and professional background were a perfect fit for the eyewear business. Silja is now preparing for her next step as an investor for luxury startups with her firsthand entrepreneurial experience.

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