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Sharon Podobnik Peterson Founder, Go Love Yourself

What would brazen do?

Sharon Podobnik Peterson is a values driven multi-passionate serial entrepreneur. Sharon founded The Go Love Yourself Box, the #1 rated subscription box for personal growth, where she delivers self-directed coaching to women monthly. She is the editor-in-chief of Go Love Yourself Magazine, a monthly publication for-and-by women. She also founded The Center for Conscious Leadership where she empowers game changers and change agents who are moved to combat systemic inequality and existing privilege structures through workshops and executive leadership coaching. As a leadership coach, speaker, writer, business owner, and professor of education at Johns Hopkins University, empowerment and self-actualization are at the heart of everything she does. She feels most alive when she’s reading, writing, creating, connecting, and coaching. When she’s not facilitating in-person workshops, she’s exploring the world with her husband, Mark, or reading with her spunky kitty, Annie, in Washington, DC.

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