Mimi Rutledge and Tina Labadini Founders, The Doggy Ditty

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Tina has been “in business” with Tina Labadini Designs since 2007. She hand paints images for custom projects such as invites and birth announcements and then those images become part of her fun line of children’s clothing and housewares. Through the years the line has expanded with the help of many great friends and customers who bring new ideas to her studio. In 2013 Mimi Rutledge was one such friend. With two golden retrievers she was tired of stuffing her pockets with bags, treats and balls so she repurposed a small canvas bag that originally held a candle and used it to hold the dog walking items. She looped her leash through the handles while the dogs ran free in the park. Mimi realized that out of necessity she had come up with an idea that Tina could create. Tina was ready for a new idea and a partner!
Mimi and Tina both live in Concord, Massachusetts where they have each raised 3 active children ranging in age from 12 to 25 years old. Their shared passion for being outside with their dogs brought them together in an adventure of entrepreneurship that has been fun, challenging and rewarding. Mimi graduated from Amherst college and BC Law. She is involved in many non profit programs that enhance the lives of underprivileged citizens. Tina graduated from UMass Amherst and enjoys being a part of her community with civic action and participating in the schools.

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