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Lauren Steinberg Founder, Queen V

I really am just a girl who became frustrated with vaginal products on the market and did something about it

Lauren Steinberg, a Valley Girl at heart, was born and raised in Los Angeles. Growing up, she always had an entrepreneurial spirit and knew she was destined to start her own company, but never imagined it would be the first millennial-focused feminine wellness brand, Queen V.
After graduating from The University of Southern California, Lauren landed her dream job, at the time, working on amazing brands, such as: Skinnygirl and Fabletics. She was thriving at work, but quickly realized the "boys club" environment that Hollywood had to offer and the traditional 9-to-5 wasn’t for her. Lauren knew she was meant for more and wanted to create a company that would empower her fellow females to find their voices and speak out! As the daughter of a gynecologist and fertility specialist, you could say that feminine wellness was always a part of Lauren’s life.  So she set out to design a line of products that are natural, convenient, easy to understand, and beautifully designed.
Lauren created the Queen V brand in hopes to empower women to become educated about their health and inspire them to use their voice to pursue something they are passionate about, because let's face it when women feel their best, they can take on the world.

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