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Kim Grustas Founder, Good For You Girls

Trust the path you have walked because your journey is not by chance.

Kim Grustas is never shy when it comes to talking about hormones, stinky pits, pimples or anything else related to adolescence, just ask her two daughters. Good For You Girls was started in 2008 to celebrate the crucial years of transition for girls between childhood and adulthood while keeping girls away from toxic chemicals. While many consider this time the “awkward years” Kim is on a mission with Good For You Girls to give girls permission to embrace this incredible time of change by learning to taking care of themselves with products that respect their growing bodies and build confidence.
Having spent many years in the nutrition and wellness industry as a Creative Director Kim started her own design firm in 1999. When her daughters were born with severe asthma and allergies she was committed to understanding and eliminating the ingredients that triggered her daughters symptoms. As her girls got older and their needs changed, she could not find anything she felt was safe or age appropriate for their skin. The mass market was filled with products she knew had ingredients directly linked to hormone development. Kim got mad and then got busy.
Ten years later her protective mamma bear instincts have helped thousands of girls and given comfort to many parents who sometimes just need a little advice.

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