Kathryn Lukas Founder, Farmhouse Culture

A California native, Kathryn’s love affair with food started in her grandparents’ farmhouse. There she watched mesmerized as her grandmother transformed home-grown ingredients into simple, delicious meals. Years later, she fell in love with fresh fermented sauerkraut given to her by the farmer who provided food for her restaurant in Stuttgart, Germany. When Kathryn returned to the States and learned how to ferment at a Natural Culinary Program, she knew she had found her calling.

Inspired by the connection between farm, table and barrel, she travelled the globe studying traditional food cultures and ancient fermentation techniques while working as a private chef. Kathryn founded Farmhouse Culture in 2008 and now travels the U.S. sharing her love and knowledge of fermented foods. She just finished her first book and is excited to provide a deeper look into the Farmhouse Kitchen.

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