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Jessica Thompson Founder, YOGO

Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.

Jessica has spent over 10,000 hours each in energy and climate change analytics, and in creating sustainable products. She has served as a specialist in analysis and advisory in climate change and natural resource sectors including energy, land use and product development, for corporations, banks, startups, and international organizations.
Drawing on this experience and a background in small business, she launched YOGO, a travel yoga supply company seeking to bring radically sustainable recycling and advanced bio-material innovations out of the lab and into consumer hands, with a goal to make consumer goods better for people and gentler on the environment. YOGO aspires to be a cradle-to-cradle, circular economy business.
Jessica has also restructured and exited a psychometric software company and dabbles in real estate. She can be found roving the streets of San Francisco, rubber plantations and eco material factories, in Asia, and bombing hills everywhere on her road bike.

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