Jessica Perdomo Founder, J.J. Gray

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Jessica Perdomo has a mix of guts, compassion, talent and humility. In 2014, she left her job at Ralph Lauren and her career in luxury goods behind, starting her own line of handcrafted riding boots and oxfords that are made by third generation artisans in the south of Spain. "what I love most is dealing with my clients on a personal basis, and even though it sounds naive, I live to make others happy". says Perdomo, who was raised by her Dominican grandparents in Corona, Queens. Her company, J.J. Gray, embodies a mix of her old world ways and modern flair. "I wanted to honor tradition and celebrate time -two things we seem to pay less attention to in the digital world," she says. Along with using a last that's been perfected over time, J.J. Gray also sources its supple calfskin from tanneries that do not use chemicals to treat their hides, and cannot be found in the States. While she carries a limited size run, most of her boots and shoes are custom, and clients are encouraged to take part in the crafting process. "All feet are different," she says. "Just like the old days, we carry our measuring tape and make each pair for you."

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