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Jenna Ryan Co-Founder, Uqora

You’ve got to keep pushing forward.

Jenna Ryan is the CEO and co-founder of Uqora, the first-of-its-kind UTI prevention company. After experiencing what she calls “a UTI apocalypse”—eight UTIs in one year—Jenna and her co-founder began experimenting with ways to alleviate not only UTIs but also the stress and anxiety that go along with them.

A passionate advocate for women’s health, Jenna is committed to UTI prevention research, increasing public awareness, and ultimately removing the stigma around these private, painful infections. As someone who knows the discomfort firsthand, Jenna understands the importance of prevention and how critical it is to find a solution, instead of just relying on treatment. Her singular focus is on creating healthy, safe, effective products for women that will provide sustainable relief.

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