Gretchen Maull Berger Founder, GG Maull

Fulfilling my dreams fulfills my spirit.

I believe in only having things in my life that "spark joy". When I nearly lost my sister to a horrific car accident, I was coming face to face with life's fragility. I had been in the hospital waiting room for hours, anxious and desperate to hear whether my sister would make it, when the doctor finally announced that she would make it through the night. My now-husband gifted me a beautiful pair of black and emerald earrings. In the moment, in the ICU waiting area, this is not something I was expecting or felt I could be present to, but he insisted, "If these bring you joy for two minutes, that's two minutes of joy you need right now."
Joy in the face of such incredible adversity. That moment laid the groundwork for my drive to empower women and equip them to live their lives to the fullest. I looked around me and saw all these women in New York struggling to perform multiple roles and responsibilities: building a career, being a sensitive friend, achieving their health and fitness goals, dating eligible partners, having a rich social life, becoming an adult, leading a community, caring for others around them, becoming a solid partner, managing a household, raising a family, taking conscious care of themselves, and being socially responsible citizens.
In all of these pursuits, I found the women I came across being weighed down physically and emotionally. I was inspired to take my 10-year experience in handbag design under prestigious fashion labels to create my own brand characterized by functionality, aesthetics and purpose: GG MAULL.

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