Erika Szychowski Founder, Good Zebra

The best approach to creating change is by creating a solution.

Erika Szychowski is a global branding authority with experience in over 70 countries and cultures. She represents a unique blend of interests across a diverse list of specialties--sports and entertainment, financial services, fashion, and now food. Her experience spans from working with behemoths like the Olympics to The Rolling Stones, and includes accomplishments and accolades as alluring as the woman behind them.
Erika is often heard saying “I collect people, not things”, a mantra that has helped her amass a vast and impressive network over the course of her career. A network whose heart is comprised of the countless women she has personally influenced and developed. It’s these professional turned personal relationships that have helped facilitate her latest and greatest endeavor as the founder and CEO of her female led, better-for-you food company-Good Zebra.
Although her field of work is ever changing and evolving, one thing remains constant and infallible: Erika Szychowski is fearless.
Erika has been interviewed by Inc, Entreprenur and Forbes just to name a few!

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