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Emily Griffith LIL BUCKS LLC

Daily motto: Respond to every call that excites your spirits. Best advice: stop thinking, start SELLING.

Emily's digital marketing career took her from Chicago to Sydney, Australia in 2016, where she lived out her dreams of surfing and working down under. While enjoying an acai bowl by the beach, she discovered sprouted buckwheat being used as a high-protein, gluten-free granola replacement, and the idea for Lil Bucks was born. After working as a digital nomad, designing in Bali, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Hawaii and Mexico, she came back to Chicago in to launch Lil Bucks as the first sprouted buckwheat brand in the U.S.A. With a successful online subscription program and Amazon Prime store, she's excited to hone in on Lil Bucks' retail expansion.

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