Christina Stembel Founder, Farmgirl Flowers

Care about people, but don’t care about what they think of you.

Christina grew up on a farm in northern Indiana, which is how the company found its name, although they grew corn and soybeans, not beautiful flowers! She dreamed up the idea for Farmgirl Flowers in 2010 after gaining experience across a variety of industries including hospitality and event planning. Although she loves beautiful flowers, the top of her bucket list was always to start a business that was not only innovative and creative, but one that did something good and solved a real problem. After researching the huge floral industry, she found a tremendous number of problems and very little innovation. She set her sites on figuring out a way to solve several of the problems simultaneously, while providing a better product and customer experience - which is how she came up with Farmgirl’s transformative new model.

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