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Casey Kathryn Kehoe Founder, Casey's Krunch

If you want something to happen in life, you have to declare it. Stop saying I hope or wish this will happen, declare it out loud and it will come true! Always keep your faith in God to see things through for you.

Casey blends together her years of experience as a competitive athlete with her passion for fitness and baking. From her days of working a corporate job in market research, to working the counter at a local NYC bakery, to her swimming career as the Captain of the Notre Dame Women's Swimming team, to then being diagnosed with a severe gluten allergy, Casey organically built her company, Casey's Krunch, from life learnings that she wanted to share with other like-minded consumers. It all started from scratch in her apartment kitchen and it has evolved over the years so that Casey's Krunch offers a product for consumers who want and need a reliable, convenient and healthy snack no matter where they are in their day!
Casey is a NASM certified personal trainer, Olympic Trials Swimming Qualifier (2008), USA Boxing Certified Coach and a member of Hot Bread Kitchen.

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