Carly Stein Founder, Beekeeper's Naturals

Turn problems into possibilities.

Carly Stein, founder and CEO of Beekeeper's Naturals, is a savvy and inspiring entrepreneur. She is a beekeeper herself who developed an innovative bee-made nutraceutical product line that provides effective, natural solutions to everyday modern health issues. Her passion for the power of the bees originated from a personal medical issue she faced while traveling in Italy. After discovering the incredible healing properties of bee propolis while abroad, she set out on a mission to share the wonders from the hive and educate people on the integral role the bees play in our ecosystem. It wasn't long until she swapped her 16 hour days on the trading floor to head up Beekeeper's Naturals full time. Carly is dedicated to using her company as a platform to raise awareness and funding for the bee cause through partnerships with cutting edge institutions and non-profits, while also promoting sustainable practices and pesticide-free beekeeping. Before founding Beekeeper's Naturals, Carly worked as an Analyst at Goldman Sachs in their Securities division and spent time working at the William J. Clinton Foundation.

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