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Cari Clark Phelps Founder, Salacia Salts

Listen to your dreams.

Cari Clark Phelps is the owner of Clark Creative, a premier creative agency in Savannah, GA. Cari specializes in lifestyle niche marketing, crafting brands in ways that get attention and generate results through rule-pushing, big-thinking, boring-box-destroying strategy. She leads the go-to creative team for inspirational, unique, and new-to-market brands and products launched in the South. Cari has created private label products for celebs like Paula Deen, and her creations have been gifted at the Oscars, The Southern C, South Beach Food & Wine Festival, the Kentucky Derby, and Eva Longoria's Women’s Empowerment luncheon. In addition, her products have been featured on Buzzfeed, USA Today, Southern Living and Bravo, to name a few. In 2011, Cari dreamed that she designed a package of environmentally sustainable bath salts for a client. When she woke up the next morning, she began researching and decided to make her dream a reality. She learned that nearby Tybee Island was named using the Euchee Indian word for salt, providing further inspiration in her quest to develop a natural bath and body care line. Salacia Salts uses the scents of regional botanicals and natural ingredients, including Atlantic sea salt, to bring the healing power of nature into the boudoir. 

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