Candace Brodman Founder, Moss & Marsh

Everything happens for a reason.

Moss & Marsh is the creative effort of Candace Brodmann (pictured above), a stay-at-home mom with a degree in Textiles from the University of Georgia. At the early age of eight, Candace learned to sew from her mother. Fabric & sewing has been an important aspect of her life ever since. From college studies, to making her own wedding dress, to founding Moss & Marsh, God has led Candace's path to creating handmade products. While adjusting to parenthood with their first born, Ettalee, Candace and her husband, often had ideas for products that would make life easier. Naturally, Candace went straight to the sewing machine to make their ideas become realities. In much the same way that many moms seek to share advice with each other, Candace hopes to share her products with other parents to help make life simpler and more  beautiful.

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