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Caitlin McVarish Founder, Go Pocket

Design your day and do the hardest thing first!

“Someone had to think of it, so I did!”.  Caitlin McVarish is the inventor and founder of GO POCKET™.  Her background in Textiles and Triathlon converged one day when she was trail running and needed a pocket to hold her phone. Her hand cramping, she thought, It’s simple, a strong stick-on pocket that I can put where I want”.  So, she got to work making GO POCKET. Lots of prototypes and tons of testing later she pulled the trigger on manufacturing a brand-new product category. The uses go beyond running. Literally, they are endless. And, GO POCKETS are made in the USA out of recycled plastic. Each pocket represents one upcycled plastic bottle. Production and use will be a closed circle with a take back system as part of the plan. Since GO POCKETS are digitally printed, they make a very visible surface for a message or logo. Her vision is to use GO POCKET as an example of repurposing plastic and creating a platform for design while giving us a free hand!

Caitlin lives and makes GO POCKETS in the Bay Area of California.

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