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Bettina Benson Founder, Chloe Kristyn

No excuse is acceptable. No amount of effort is adequate until proven effective.

Founder and Designer, Bettina Benson, knows what the modern woman wants and needs in her wardrobe. Bettina’s designs are where classic, figure friendly, silhouettes converge with feminine details and bold original prints. Thoughtful design combined with a methodical textile selection process fueled by the goal of offering versatility, functionality and movement, result in a wardrobe that strikes an effortless integration of work and life. Chloe Kristyn is a proud advocate of the US garment industry; 100% of the collection is produced in the United States. While working towards her MBA at Florida A&M University, before Instagram and other forms of social media were used as a standard mode of marketing, Bettina launched an online boutique that offered a curated selection of styles for the budget conscious yet fashion forward college student. On her breaks, she would take buying trips to LA and New York; this experience allowed her to gain more insights on both the design and business sides of the fashion industry as well as an understanding of what it means to anticipate the needs and wants of the customer she served. As Bettina learned more about the industry and retail, she developed a desire to create her own line.  After the birth of Chloe, in 2013, Bettina realized that she needed to live authentically and for her that meant rethinking her career. In 2016, Bettina picked up where she left off in 2009 and began executing the vision of creating her clothing line. After spending 10 years interfacing with professional women at all levels, many of whom are mothers, Bettina has an understanding of what professional women desire in a functional wardrobe. She took this knowledge along with her business and sales experience and applied it to Chloe Kristyn. Supported by a team of industry professionals, she bet on herself and began to create versatile designs that would strike a balance between work and weekends. 

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