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Beryl Stafford Founder, Bobo's

Never listen to naysayers when you have a vision about the company you want to start

One afternoon in 2003, Beryl Stafford and her daughter ‘Bobo’ baked a batch of gooey, oat treats in their home kitchen in Boulder, CO. After receiving rave reviews from friends, she took them to a local coffee shop where she sold them on a whim. A week later, they re-ordered. Soon, word began to spread around town about these ‘Bobo Bars.’ Grocery stores heard and bought in, and then larger distributors came calling. Fast forward 5 years and Bobo’s had become a national brand. Beryl built Bobo’s, with determination, passion and the refusal to back down from any challenge. Her hard work and leadership has made Bobo’s one of the fastest-growing multi-million dollars brands in the industry. She currently divides her time between her hometown of New Orleans, LA and her house in Boulder, Colorado, where she remains in an active role as President of the company.

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