Anna Perelman Founder, stellé

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Anna Perelman is CEO and Co-Founder of stellé, a technology company that brings together a rare design-forward point of view to the audio industry. With a creative drive to develop audio products that bridge the gap between music, technology, and design, Anna heads a talented team of industry leaders responsible for creating elegant, stylish products that deliver premium sound. Anna’s unwavering creative vision and commitment to building successful businesses have afforded her leading executive roles for an array of world-renowned companies.
Anna launched stellé, on the philosophy that there should be a union between form and function and that audio products should be a perfect marriage of high-end design and exceptional sound quality. Anna’s passionate, fashion-forward and female-focused point-of-view is unique within the audio industry. Anna, a consumer herself, believes that women deserve more than just products that have been a retrofit of the same square box. 

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