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Amy McKelvey Founder, Her Vital Way

You have to root to rise..

Amy McKelvey is the CEO (chief energizing officer) and Founder at her vital way – a new kind of wellness brand dedicated to the health and well-being of women everywhere – where she takes an eloquent approach to empower women to become their own health advocates. As an integrative herbalist with many moons of experience in the natural products industry, Amy has a rich history of helping foster the organic growth of companies across the supplement, beverage, and skin care spaces by creating meaningful products with measurable health benefits. Her dedication to making premium herbal supplements that marries cutting-edge science, transparent and testable ingredients, and exceptional integrity at affordable prices led her to found her vital way in October 2017. Amy and her vital way have been featured in SHAPE, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen Magazine, Wander Wellness Magazine, Vitamin Retailer, Yoga Digest, Natural Practitioner, Natural Solutions, and on numerous blogs and podcasts.

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