Amy Briant and Lisa Bonoff Founders, LUMION Skin

Set your boundaries..

Amy was fortunate to grow up in an organic home that avoided harsh chemicals and focused on clean eating. Upon landing in California, her entrepreneurial nature led her to become an industry leader in fitness. Since 2008, Amy has been a partner at Pilates Plus OC and is currently operating two successful studios. In 2010, Amy’s Father began experimenting with the science behind the LUMION product. After seeing immediate improvement in the quality of her skin and breakouts, her entrepreneurial spirit took over and she started considering the potential for LUMION. 
Lisa grew up in a home that stressed the importance of a health conscious lifestyle from early on. Lisa began a successful 14-year career in sales and marketing in New York City. Lisa has specialized in beauty and retail throughout her career, working with clients such as IPSY, Juice Beauty, Levi Strauss and Athleta. Lisa’s expertise in sales and marketing, coupled with her passion for a natural and healthy lifestyle helps provide LUMION with complementary leadership skills.

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