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Alexis Ring Lexi Miller

Never forget why you started.

Alexis cut her creative teeth in the interior design industry after earning a BA in Interior Architecture and Design. After spending eight years designing residential projects and special events, she fell into fashion design out of necessity.
In 2010, she took up cycling as a hobby and it soon became a major part of her life. She was unpleasantly surprised by the lack of options for women’s cycling apparel. Subsequently, she began to dream up the idea of Lexi Miller as a solution, and launched in late 2015. While so many other niches of active apparel had improved in recent years, cycling apparel still had too many pain points.
She drew upon inspiration from the fashion runways, adding style lines and details to the very functional features which endurance athletes require. The result was a sophisticated, modern collection which often garners compliments for being both beautiful and unique, which was her objective.
Alexis delights in every aspect of the design process, sourcing the highest quality textiles and trims to elevate her customers’ experiences. In addition, a large part of Lexi Miller is the stories behind the women who choose to ride a bike: what fuels them, and what unites them, and what challenges them. As a female voice in a male-dominated industry, Alexis hopes that Lexi Miller will encourage more women to feel like they have a place on the road, and a voice in the narrative.

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