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Founder Feature: Kim Grustas

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Health and fitness have been central to Kim Grustas’s life, both personally and professionally. Before she founded Go...

Founder Feature: Lindsey McCoy & Alison Webster

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Sisters with conscience. That’s Lindsey McCoy & Alison Webster, founders of Plaine Products, a return/refill/reus...

Founder Feature: Christina Geist

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

At The F Project, we LOVE our sister founders. Still, we can get a little jelly now and then. Look at this from Chris...

Founder Feature: Tamar Miller

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Forget about pasta…what the Italians really do well is shoes! That was a revelation to Tamar Miller, founder and CEO ...

Founder Feature: Tara Bosch

Erika Szychowski

Kick sugar, keep candy is a sweet tagline. Tara Bosch knew it was exactly what she wanted her company, SmartSweets, t...

Founder Feature: Caitlin McVarish

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Have you ever stuck your cell phone in your bra? And then jogged with it there? We’ve all seen that frantic clutch at...

Founder Feature: Naa-Sakle Akuete

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Women’s gold. That’s the name for shea butter in several African countries. Naa-Sakle Akuete thinks it’s fitting. You...

Founder Feature: Evolyn Brooks

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

A diagnosis can often be a turning point. It was for Evolyn Brooks, founder and CEO of In My Solitude LA. Evolyn had ...

Founder Feature: Erin LInk

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Sauce responsibly. Always use a condiment. The sassy tag line of Erin Link’s company, Yellowbird Foods, is an apt rep...

Founder Feature: Amanda Johnston & Kellie Shoten

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

These sisters aren’t just doing it for themselves. They’re bringing vegan, raw, gluten-free, dairy-free, organic, non...

Founder Feature: Karen Bonner, Shannon Oliver, and Jessica Hilbert

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

A++++++ Pretty sure that’s the grade these three grad students got on the assignment that led to the creation of thei...

Founder Feature: Nicole Centeno

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

The life of a bootstrapped entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. – Nicole Centeno, founder of Splendid Spoon, t...
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