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Founder Feature: Katie Forrest

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

A woman reserves the right to change her mind…and her diet. Katie Forrest and her husband, Taylor Collins, cofounders...

Founder Feature: Liz Tilatti

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

“Because I have a big ass and a tiny waist and nothing ever fits me.” How’s that for a reason to start a company? Liz...

Founder Feature: Samantha Dong

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

"Why can't I have both?" This was the question Samantha Dong posed to herself while pondering the problem of heels. C...

Founder Feature: Alexa Buckley

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

We’re experiencing a revolution in sizing in women’s fashion, and Alexa Buckley of Margaux has jumped in feet-first. ...

Founder Feature: Arianne Perry

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

You might call Arianne Perry, founder of Sweet Defeat, an energy engineer. Prior to starting her own company, Arianne...

Founder Feature: Jonna Piira

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

“What if you could identify a recurring need in a significant portion of the population, one that could be met by a s...

Founder Feature: Mo Seetubtim

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Guess whose Dad is going to get the biggest Father’s Day card at the store this year? That would be Mo Seetubtim’s fa...

Why Alexis Mera Founder Said ‘F Yes’ to The F Project & Women Supporting Women

Erika Szychowski

It’s one thing to say, “The future is female,” and it’s another to take action to make what you want to see in this ...

Founder Feature: Marissa Mills

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Nothing succeeds like success. If you’re going to run a global event and fashion show production agency in Beverly Hi...

Founder Feature: Sasha Suresh

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Jolii Cosmetics is a multinational company. Its founder, Sasha Suresh, is Indian, its name is a flirty play on the Fr...

Founder Feature: Kathryn Lukas

Erika Szychowski

A gut shot sounds like something that happens in a bar brawl and sends you to the emergency room. But Kathryn Lukas o...

Founder Feature: Candace Brodmann

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Parenting is not for wimps. Candace Brodmann founded Moss & Marsh to help make things a little easier for moms an...
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