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Founder Feature: Kelli Koehler

Erika Szychowski

Their hopes almost crumbled right along with their failed nutrition bar. But Kelli Koehler and her husband didn’t giv...

Founder Feature: Amber Tolliver

Erika Szychowski

A lingerie model is going to have many more close encounters with bras than the average woman will. Amber Tolliver wa...

Founder Feature: Lauren Steinberg

Erika Szychowski

Eve Ensler gave us The Vagina Monologues. Lauren Steinberg gives us The Vagina Dialogues. Lauren, the founder of Quee...

Founder Feature: Andrea Weinberg

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Transformers for grown women. That’s one way to look at Andi New York’s line of versatile bags for women on the go. A...

Founder Feature: Ilana Eck

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Being around for her kids was the inspiration for Ilana Eck to adopt healthier eating habits and develop the recipes ...

Founder Feature: Marlo Guidice

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Chief cookie curator. Not a bad job if you can get it! Marlo Guidice nabbed that spot by founding Marlo’s Bakeshop, a...

Founder Feature: Lori Barzvi

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Love, Lori is the signature of an ongoing letter…of grief, gratitude, and grit. Lori Barzvi founded her brand of foot...

Founder Feature: Cari Clark Phelps

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

As far as role models go, a Roman sea goddess is pretty unique. Maybe it was the sea goddess Salacia who spoke to Car...

Founder Feature: Cassy Burnvoth

Erika Szychowski

Tallow. Not just for candles anymore. There’s a slogan Cassy Burnvoth rejected when marketing her skin care company, ...

Founder Feature: Mimi Rutledge & Tina Labadini

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Ditty [‘didē] NOUN a short, simple song; piece of poetry Amen. After juggling keys, poop bags, her phone, and Fido’s ...

Founder Feature: Dawn Anderson

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

A sports massage therapist. A chiropractor. A corporate travel consultant. And now the founder of Ohi Food Co. Dawn A...

Founder Feature: Lotika Pai and Wen Yao

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Real, un-airbrushed women show off their curves on Powwful’s website. It’s a very intentional move on the part of Lot...
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