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Founder Feature: Neka Pasquale

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Neka Pasquale was already well established in her career as an acupuncturist when she observed that, time after time,...

Founder Feature: Noémie Blanchard and Isabelle Alix

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Sometimes it takes a transatlantic trip to find your business. Such was the case for Noémie Blanchard and Isabelle Al...

Founder Feature: Jash Mehta & Blair Fletcher Hardy

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Chances are pretty good that you started your day with coffee. About 62% of Americans drink at least one cup of coffe...

Founder Feature: Divya Gugnani

Erika Szychowski

What do Angel wings and a Harvard MBA have in common? They are both in the pedigrees of founders Lindsay Ellingson an...


Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Cast those earbuds aside – it’s good to talk to strangers on a plane! That’s an actual finding of a 2014 social exper...

Founder Feature: Sara Happ

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Her business may be all about lips, but Sara Happ is not one to pout when faced with challenges. A self-proclaimed be...


Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

A lot of parents speak fondly of their kids’ firsts: first tooth, first step, first day of school. Jean Sims’ and Ire...

Founder Feature: SAMANTHA SISCA

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Samantha Sisca describes her Social Sunday line of clothing as designed for go-getters who live for the balance betwe...

Founder Feature: LEAH CAPLANIS

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Sometimes life throws you a curveball that ends up being a home run. Such was the case for Leah Caplanis, founder of ...

Founder Feature: Lynn Le

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Lynn Le named her business, Society Nine, with gratitude and reverence for the legal action that made women and sport...

Founder Feature: Elizabeth Stein

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Elizabeth Stein never realized the success she’d envisioned in her career as a nutrition and lifestyle coach. But…the...

Founder Feature: Jessica Perdomo

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

In a 2012 experiment, University of Kansas researchers found that people were able to correctly determine a stranger...
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