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Founder Feature: Nona Lim

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

You can’t say Nona Lim is a trendy entrepreneur. This business owner was pre-trend with her online meal delivery mode...

Founder Feature: Becca Brown & Monica Ferguson

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

“If you build it, they will come,” pretty much sums it up for Solemates founders Becca Brown and Monica Ferguson. If ...

Founder Feature: Tina Labadini

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Tina Labadini says that after 11 years in business, she cannot wait to be an overnight success! Tina started Tina Lab...

Founder Feature: Denise Woodard

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Kids change so many things in parents’ lives. For several of The F Project founders, their kids were the impetus to s...

Celebrating International Woman's Day

Erika Szychowski

On the eve on International Women’s Day a new report from the World Bank was released, measuring gender equality acro...


Lindsey and Alison Delaplaine

I’ve met a lot of inspirational women in this space of business for social good and working for the planet. I don’t ...

Founder Feature: Ashley Smith

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Think about the best photos you’ve ever taken from your most exotic vacations. Did you ever get around to printing an...

Founder Feature: Amanda McIntosh

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Most women who have a unique skill and a demonstrated ability to earn a living using it might look no further when it...

Founder Feature: Emily Rudman

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Emily Rudman’s experience as an Asian American girl growing up with adoptive American parents gave her an early appre...

Founder Feature: Madeline Haydon

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Her background in medical devices and blood banking is not the typical pedigree for a food entrepreneur. But there is...

Founder Feature: Laura Jakobsen

Tess McCurdy

Laura Jakobsen takes on everything in her life with the energy, tenacity and competitive spirit of a former ski racer...

Founder Feature: Rebecca Minkoff

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

High school theater geeks, take note: Rebecca Minkoff got her start designing costumes for her high school plays. Tod...
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