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Lending our Voice to the F Project

Lindsay Lingle and Kathryn Rogers

In the world of women in business, we are often taught to compete with one another in order to build our brand. But w...

Founder Feature: Nell Diamond

Tess McCurdy

As founder and CEO of Hill House Home, a contemporary bedding and bath line, Nell Diamond brings a refreshing perspec...

Founder Feature: Carly Stein

Tess McCurdy

A helpless bout of strep throat while studying abroad in Florence, Italy led Carly Stein to discover the healing powe...

Founder Feature: Jessica Postiglione

Tess McCurdy

Find out how Jessica Postiglione created "the world's most beautiful hand sanitizer."

Founder Feature: Ksenia Phillips

Tess McCurdy

Meet Ksenia Phillips, the momtreprenuer creating hand-crafted paper goods from her kitchen table.

Founder Feature: Kathryn Rogers & Lindsay Lingle

Tess McCurdy

Get to know Kathryn & Lindsay, the duo who believes women should never have to compromise.

Founder Feature: Jennifer Yen

Tess McCurdy

Meet Jennifer, the women who borrowed her grandmother's Asian beauty wisdom to create a powerful skincare solution.

Why I’m Joining the Time To Vote Campaign– and Challenging All CEO's to Do the Same

Sarah Carson

The U.S. has one of the lowest voter participation rates in the developed world, that’s one of the reasons I’m joinin...

Women’s Entrepreneurship Week

Sophia Berman

In 2017, 4.5 percent of investments in the U.S. were in women led companies, and overall women only make up eight per...

Whomever coined the phrase "two heads are better than one" was absolutely right.

LaKisha Greenwade

Any leader who is trying to grow an enterprise into a recognizable brand should admit that the task can be down- righ...

5 Tips for Women in the Workplace From Founder Beryl Stafford

Beryl Stafford

One rainy afternoon in 2003, my daughter ‘Bobo’ and I baked a batch of gooey oat treats in our home kitchen in Bould...

Leota’s Sarah Carson: Why I’m joining the F Project to amplify women founders

Sarah Carson

  “I’m a fashion entrepreneur.”  That’s what I heard myself telling the guy at the cocktail party who asked what I do...
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