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Founder Feature: Serafina Palandech

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

“We want to lead with quality…You can have all of the wonderful attributes in the world, but if it doesn’t taste good...

Founder Feature: Emily Santamore

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Emily Santamore, founder/designer at Rune NYC, believes women want to be comfortable. If they can look great doing it...

Founder Feature: Elizabeth Fisher

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Nothing prepares you for a career in natural food production, marketing, and distribution like a BA degree in literat...

Founder Feature: Sarah Chalos

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Sarah Chalos founded I Heart Keenwah with three friends from school in 2009. The company started as an experiment, wi...

Founder Feature: Melanie Travis

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Melanie Travis was a varsity…basketball player at Haverford College. Given that Melanie founded Andie Swim, a direct-...

Founder Feature: Janie Cook & Caroline Nix

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

They say everything is bigger in Texas: big hair, big hats, big cars, and now, Big Os, courtesy of Janie Cook and Car...

Founder Feature: Kaitlyn Rackens

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Travel as inspiration is a theme that’s emerged time and again among F Project members. Sometimes, the beauty of the ...

Founder Feature: Megan Reamer

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Megan Reamer’s inspiration in founding Jackson’s Honest was nothing short of heroic. Her inspiration was her son, Jac...

Founder Feature: Heidi Zak

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Seventy sizes. Half-cup sizes. Five “nude” shades (because Oprah Winfrey and Nicole Kidman are not going to pick up t...

Founder Feature: Lauren Lobley

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

What does it say about someone when five of her jobs on LinkedIn have “ present” under their listings? It means you a...

Founder Feature: Vanessa Lianne Perel-Panar

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Vanessa Lianne Perel-Panar is one of those people who always knew what she wanted to be. She just didn’t know the nam...

Founder Feature: Lindsey Diamond & Jennifer Lindberg

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

When you think of improving your health, what activities come to mind? Exercising? Eating better? Sure, these are go-...
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