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Founder Feature: Jamie Melzer

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Jamie Melzer, founder of Watermelon Road, knows there’s nothing sexy about raisins. But what about dried fruit called...

Founder Feature: Anna Perelman

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

The challenges of moving to a completely unfamiliar country – in this case, the United States – laid some pretty impo...

Founder Feature: Adriana Botti

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

The poet Sanober Khan of words, “they can either leave you feeling homeless or brimming with home.” Adriana Botti wou...

Founder Feature: Kalyn Johnson Chandler

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

If Kalyn Johnson Chandler could write a letter to anyone at all, living or dead, she would put pen to paper and expre...

Founder Feature: Jackie Stauffer

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Calendar OCD. It’s a thing, and Jackie Stauffer, founder of Recess, has it bad. A super busy life was the inspiration...

Founder Feature: Keeley Tillotson & Erika Welsh

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

The story behind Keely Tillotson’s and Erika Welsh’s nut butter creations is one of those “two crazy kids get lucky” ...

Founder Feature: Brittany Harris

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Voyage Swimwear is aptly named. Founder Brittany Harris has covered a lot of ground. With a BA from Hofstra, Brittany...

Founder Feature: Jenny Argie

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Her post-divorce breast cancer diagnosis turned single mom Jenny Argie’s life upside down, but she’s landed solidly o...

Featured Founder: Kathy Kramer

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Kathy Kramer is blessed with the kind of figure rappers extol in their songs…a smaller waist with bigger hips. Okay, ...

Founder Feature: Christy Goldsby

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

There’s no shortage of love on Honey Mama’s Instagram messages. Christy Goldsby’s cacao-nectar bars have serious fans...

Founder Feature: Kristy Lewis

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Every office worker knows that terrible, lingering smell… burned popcorn in the microwave. You almost wonder if you s...

Founder Feature: Silja Kim

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

To get into the weeds as a venture capital/wealth management associate, Silja Kim needed to be able to see a LOT of t...
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