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Founder Feature: Samantha Brody & Christine Callahan

Erika Szychowski

Lizzo and Missy are singing it, and Samantha Brody and Christine Callahan are selling it. Big girls with nice curves ...

Founder Feature: Shilpa Yarlagadda

Erika Szychowski

Who can forget that 80s anthem, Wrapped Around Your Finger, by The Police? Well, Shilpa Yarlagadda, founder of Shiffo...

Founder Feature: Yansi Fugel

Erika Szychowski

“I knew since high school that I would have my own business and was surprised it took so long.” Yansi Fugel, founder,...

Founder Feature: Jaleh Bisharat & Kimberly Shenk

Erika Szychowski

The FDA says, “Hey, don’t put these 30 things on your face.” The European Union has a bit more to add. Like, “Let’s l...

Founder Feature: Gretchen Maull Berger

Erika Szychowski

Gretchen Maull Berger is hoping her Italian keeps pace with the growth of her handbag company, GG Maull. Even without...

Third Cohort Launches!

Erika Szychowski

It’s been an incredible year for The F Project and its members. Since our inception just shy of a year ago, The F Pro...

Founder Feature: Hema Reddy

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

“I had a headache for six months.” Hema Reddy, on making the decision to leave a high-level job at IBM to launch her ...

Founder Feature: Jan Hogrewe

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Just Jan’s Jams was more like a tongue twister than a business name, so Jan Hogrewe decided to go simpler…which is th...

Founder Feature: Stefanie Taylor

Erika Szychowski

Her entrepreneurial roots are strong, and Stefanie Taylor has her mom to thank for showing her that anything is possi...

Founder Feature: Toyin Kolawole

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Words are sweet, but they never take the place of food. (Nigerian Proverb…and the guiding principle of Toyin Kolawole...

Founder Feature: Sharon Podobnik Peterson

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Justin Bieber may have co-opted the SEO on Sharon Podobnik Peterson’s business, Go Love Yourself. But she’s cool with...

Founder Feature: Brett Krugman

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

“We love employee turnover” is not a typical company motto, but Brett Lauren Jewelry is not a typical company. Brett ...
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