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The F Project is united

The F Project is united. We are a global, diverse community of many backgrounds, and we unite to support one another, to remember our connectedness and to hold each other virtually as we all battle through this pandemic. Today, we celebrate members of The F Project who hail from other countries, and applaud them for their contributions as US-based entrepreneurs.

Naa-Sakle Akuete, founder of Eu’Genia Shea, was born stateside, but her roots (and her business) are decidedly Ghanaian. Read Naa-Sakle’s story of embracing her mother’s company, the product, and the 7500 female shea nut pickers who are supported through her business here.

Isabelle Alix and Noemie Blanchard, founders of Offtrack, were born in France but found each other in New York, where they launched their line of affordable, washable leather leggings. Their stories and their leggings can be found here.

Adi Arezzini, founder of Teami, was a combat trainer for the Israel Defense Force before she founded her company of teas and tea-infused skincare. Check out her rags-to-riches/sickness-to-health story here.

Nadia Gara, founder of Argania Butter, was born in Morocco. Nadia shares a national treasure, the magic of amlou, a Moroccan superfood that is the source of argan butter. Read about her delicious combinations here.

Silja Kim, founder of Spinoza, an eyewear company, grew up in South Korea. Silja donates 10% of Spinoza’s profits to provide cataract surgeries in underserved communities. Take a peek here.

Toyin Kolawole, founder of Iya Foods, hails from Nigeria. Her love of West African foods led her to establish a business offering spices, one-pot meal mixes, and gluten-free flours online and in stores. Her story is here.

Nona Lim, founder of the eponymous Nona Lim, grew up in Singapore. Her health-focused Asian-inspired quick meals are very much influenced by the cuisine she loved as a child there. Salivate over some noodles here.

Paula Muller, founder of SociAvi, is from Chile, and worked in Switzerland before settling in New Jersey. Her simple connection device and platform was created to help senior citizens stay in touch with caregivers and loved ones. Read more about this important tool, and Paula’s story, here.

Dr. Jacqueline Thao Nguyen, founder of Dr. J’s Natural, was born in Vietnam. Jaqueline’s story is truly awe-inspiring. It’s worth the time to read – it’s an amazing saga of a family triumphing during very dark days. Go here, but first, tissues.

Jonna Piira, founder of Kali, a subscription-based personalized care box, came here from her native Finland. Read about her mission to bring wellness full cycle here.

Erika Szychowski

Erika Szychowski is the CEO/Founder of Good Zebra and the Founder of The F Project, a social impact project to raise the profile of female founders through collaborative commerce.
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