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The Dog Days of Summer

We’ve just entered the Dog Days of Summer, friends, and we’re taking a decidedly different approach to commemorating this time on the calendar. No tips for staying cool here; we’re all about celebrating your pups!

At a time when so many of us might be feeling a little lonelier than usual, or more stressed about finances or the state of our world, let us take a moment and thank that most stalwart of companions: the dog. 

Hey, cats are awesome too. We hear you. But for our purposes (and because our founders have created products for dogs!), we’re going to focus on Fido. Or Filomena. You pick.

No less an authority than the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tells us that owning a dog (or other pet) can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, and feelings of loneliness. And a study by researchers from Florida Atlantic University, the University of Maryland, and Virginia Commonwealth University found that walking shelter dogs had a positive impact on PTSD symptoms in veterans…a win-win for sure.

The F Project counts some dog-lovers among its founders.

Doggy Ditty cofounders Mimi Rutledge and Tina Labadini love their pups. What they did not love was corralling all the stuff necessary for a trip to the dog park; you know, poop bags, keys, treats, cellphones, hand sanitizer, and so on.

They put their heads together and came up with an adorable reinforced cotton bag that features a leash-slash-strap. It can be worn cross-body when Fido is romping freely, and then attached to his collar when he’s ready to head home. Ingenious!

Another founder duo, Sue Delegan and Kim Hehir, developed Brutus Bone Broth to share the secret ingredients to their dog Brutus’s good health and longevity. Their recipe is a combination of bones, water, and vegetables that are cooked for days to draw out collagen and micronutrients, with glucosamine and chondroitin added to support joint health.

The sister founders have subsequently added to their product line. Brutus on the Go are tubes of dried broth to be reconstituted as needed, and Bone Broth Dog Biscuits provide 18 grams of protein in every biscuit.

Brutus was adopted from a shelter, and Kim and Sue donate a portion of the company’s proceeds to help animals in need. They have also established a Kids Committee outreach, a program to teach tomorrow’s leaders about business and philanthropy.

Although the super plush Throwbee wearable blanket by Kona Benellie is not a pet product per se, founder Jessica Mashkevich discovered a way to make it benefit our furry friends.

“I learned that blankets are at the top of shelter wish lists nationwide,” recalled Jessica, “so I evolved my comfort-focused company into a social enterprise that connects a customer’s purchases with a new blanket to be given to a shelter dog in need.

“Since then, we have donated over 20,000 new shelter blankets nationwide to homeless dogs and cats in rescues and shelters large and small. Our blankets instantly bring the shelter dogs comfort and warmth as they await their forever home.”

Whether you have a dog or just want to support those who are waiting to be loved (and give love back by the boatload), our founders have just the things for you.

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Katelyn is a writer and editor specializing in creative nonfiction. She comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, and loves hearing and sharing the stories of women who are making a difference.
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