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Take The F Project with you on your road trip!

 The CDC makes it pretty clear: Staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. But there are some situations that might require us to travel. Here are some ideas to make the prospect of a road trip relatively safer and more enjoyable right now.

For car travel, the Mayo Clinic offers these guidelines:

  • Plan to make as few stops as possible, but stop driving if you become drowsy.
  • Be sure to pack cloth face masks and alcohol-based hand sanitizer in an easily accessible spot so that you can use them during the trip as necessary.
  • Prepare food and water to take on the trip. Consider including nonperishable items to tide you over in case access to restaurants and grocery stores is limited.
  • Pack cleaning supplies, including a disinfectant and disposable gloves, if you'll be staying at a hotel or other lodging.
  • When you need to get gas, use a disinfectant wipe on handles or buttons before you touch them. After fueling, use hand sanitizer. And when you get to where you're going, use soap and water to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
  • If you choose to pick up a meal on the road, opt for restaurants that offer drive-thru or curbside service.

To keep yourself awake without drowning in coffee, consider packing a few Better Than Coffee bars. Valerie Milovic’s caffeine- and nutrient-laden energy bars are loaded with get-up-and-go (100 mg of caffeine, to be exact) along with dark chocolate, guarana, and maca. These bars are delicious, and potent, so pace yourself…start with half a bar…or a quarter…and stretch it out over the trip. Think of the money you’ll save by not stopping at Starbucks drive-thrus!

You know what they say about a bird in hand, right? Well, keep an OLIKA birdie at hand to give yourself a quick spritz of fragrance-free hand sanitizer to combat the nasties from touching gas nozzles and other surfaces. OLIKA’s formulation includes the requisite 65% ethyl alcohol, plus glycerin and aloe vera to moisturize your skin. As a matter of fact, founder Jessica Postiglione commissioned a study that showed that her sanitizer increased skin hydration for up to 24 hours in 100% of participants! Also awesome: shipping is just fifty cents. Yes, five-zero cents.

Snacks are to road trips what water is to fish (at least in our book). For the vegan traveler, B.O.S.S. Food Co. offers an array of high-protein, high-fiber, Paleo-friendly super food bars. Andrea Spirov harnesses the power of MCT oil, along with specific, performance-driven nutrients, to improve energy, focus, and productivity. Formulations include Smile for upbeat focus, Think for brainpower, and Move for fit energy. 

You can freshen up at a different kind of pit stop with Jackie Stauffer’s Recess Body 101 Deodorant Wipes. These amazing towelettes contain tea tree oil, acai extract, and chamomile for odor-fighting refreshment. And you don’t have to stop there! Recess has face wipes (both antibacterial and regular) as well as hair blotters to absorb grease, sweat, and grime from your locks. You might as well arrive looking (and smelling) good.

You can pack all these travel treasures into an Andi New York bag by Andrea Weinberg. “Transformers for grown-ups,” these versatile, convertible bags come in a variety of styles (backpack, tote, crossbody, etc.) and colors. Made of ethically crafted vegan materials, Andi bags are unisex, water-resistant, and machine washable, with lots of slip pockets for all your road trip paraphernalia. You can keep the whole shebang close by as you roll down the highway.

Wherever the road may take you, we wish you safe and happy travels, friends!

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Katelyn is a writer and editor specializing in creative nonfiction. She comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, and loves hearing and sharing the stories of women who are making a difference.
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