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Sharing the love on Valentine’s Day!

Oh, Valentine’s Day. What mixed emotions we have about you! Sometimes, there are great memories – a romantic dinner with the love of your life (who turned out to really, truly BE the love of your life…we all remember the false starts). Other memories are not so sweet – oohing and aahing through that Valentine’s Day when your coworkers got flower delivered virtually every hour of the day…the same Valentine’s Day when your main squeeze was all, “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Love can be tricky. Let’s shift the conversation a little and look at another kind of love…the love our female founders have for their companies and their lives. For entrepreneurs, these two things often go hand in hand.

We asked some F Project members what they like most about being female founders. Read on for some heartwarming love stories!


Creating a business that helps others increase their emotional, mental, and physical wellness while at the same time advancing models of sustainability in consumer products and business. It’s totally inspiring to me. Jessica Thompson, YOGO

The idea that my drink and my company can help someone, whether they are in recovery and need a non-alcoholic option, or they're dehydrated and need a thirst quencher. Nikki Blank, sunōmi

Knowing that I am going to an office with the amazing team I have built to create a product I am extremely passionate about. Also, the hopes of seeing a stranger carrying a Go Dash Dot bag :) Hannah Fastov, GoDashDot

My mission to inspire change for my son and the visually impaired community. Victoria Watts, VictoriaLand Beauty

Knowing that I am responsible for everything. But in a good way. Jessica Mashkevich, THROWBEE by Kona Benellie

To see what's happening today! Every single day is different when you own a company. Munemi Imai, MUN

My team! We have so much fun working together and without that, it would be tough. I also love reading consumer reviews of our products –– like how they use it, and what adventures they have taken our coffee on. Alex Hanifin, Alpine Start

The idea of building a better future for my daughter and creating something that she will be proud of. Jamie Melzer, Watermelon Road

Seeing how my business is performing because it's all mine. I’ve always loved the excitement of building something, having a vision and bringing it to life. Whether it's a product concept, a website, anything large or small, I feel tremendous pride in taking something from vision to reality. Tamar Miller, Bells & Becks

That we're helping solve a problem. We get such great comments and appreciation from our customers and that makes it all the other stuff you have to do to keep a business going worth it. Lindsey McCoy & Alison Webster, Plaine Products

That I get to inspire, motivate and empower people for a living. I’d say that’s pretty remarkable. Being able to make an impact to encourage others to pursue their passions despite obstacles that come their way is truly amazing to me. I have to pinch myself pretty often and I have no problem losing sleep over it. Pamela Delgado, Rawly Bold

The idea that I always have the power to change something that I don't like. Annie Chang, OR/ELSE

The ability to be creative, problem-solve, connect with other people pursuing their dreams, and constantly learn. I enjoy the challenge of problem-solving how and which functions to put in a bag based on a person's needs. I also enjoy the ability to connect with other business owners and my customers through Persu. The life as an entrepreneur is multi-faceted, challenging, and rewarding - and I'm grateful to be able to experience all the emotions, each day! Stephanie Su, Persu

Erika Szychowski

Erika Szychowski is the CEO/Founder of Good Zebra and the Founder of The F Project, a social impact project to raise the profile of female founders through collaborative commerce.
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